How To Boost Productivity in 2016

The new year has just started and it is a perfect time to get organized and attack some new goals for the year. With all of these goals looming it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and lose productivity, this missing the mark on what you hope to achieve. Here are a few simple ways to boost your productivity in 2016:

1. Organize your space:
Clutter accumulates, seemingly out of nowhere. It is well researched that a clean space and a clean mind go hand in hand. It's always easiest to work in a well-organized space where all your materials are easy to find. And bonus-decluttering reduces stress, which will increase productivity.

2. Be a goal-minded business person:
If you don't know where you're going how will you ever know if you have reached your destination? Goal setting is an important part of maintaining productivity because it helps fuel the fire. Goals can be small or large yet still digestible, with clear milestones and rewards along the way. Rewards are a great way to boost productivity because they give you something to look forward to when paperwork is mounting.

3. Keep it fun:
Not every day can be a circus but it is important to infuse fun into your work life to help keep the stress at bay. Stress is known to be a drain on both motivation and productivity, so find little ways to make your work more enjoyable every day. And fun is the gift that keeps on giving-don't hesitate to bring your coworkers in on the fun so you will all be more productive.

4. Mix it up:
Whether you work in a traditional office space or work remotely, looking at the same view can get monotonous and cause a dip in your productivity. If your job allows it try to mix up your work scenario by going to a cafe, coworking space, or even a different room in your office building. This small change is enough to change your perspective and boost creativity.

5. Move it along:
Sitting down for 8 hours a day is the worst thing you can do for your body and brain, and as a result your productivity will suffer. Many offices are embracing standing desks and walking meetings, which is a great start. Even if you have to stay at a seated desk, get up every hour or so and refill a glass of water. Better yet, take the stairs to a different floor and use their water cooler. It may feel silly at first but you'll notice a big change in your productivity as a result of being more active (the added hydration is a nice bonus too). Get your blood flowing in whatever way you can and you'll not only be doing your body a favor, but your brain will feel more awake as well.

Twitter Releases Polling Feature to All Users

Twitter announced Wednesday that it is launching its polling feature to all users. Up till now this feature has been open to a limited number of users but in the coming days will be a part of the full user experience. 

Twitter polls will allow users to weigh in on things they have an opinion about. Todd Sherman, Product Manager at Twitter, says that polls are, "a new way to engage with Twitter's massive audience and understand exactly what people think. For those participating, its a very easy way to make your voice heard."

A large part of Twitter's value to consumers is in the ability to share thoughts about any subject with other people who they may not have otherwise been able to connect. Polling will simplify this process for those users who want an answer but whose goal isn't to necessarily make a more personal connection. 

Image: Twitter

Image: Twitter

While the potential benefit of polling is only as big as your Twitterverse (meaning that only those you are already connected with can vote) it does offer companies a very unique opportunity to engage with their customers. 

Will you be using Polls on Twitter? Share your thoughts in the comments.