Maximizing the Reach of Your Facebook Business Page

In the last few years Facebook has rolled out new features that allow people to easily connect with business. Through the Pages function, business owners can create a fan page of sorts for their business and use it to engage customers in new and interesting ways.

When we talk about how to get the most engagement out of your social media content, the majority of the conversation is centered around cultivating really good content. This content should be relevant to your business but also something that creates value for your customers. Many business owners are finding, to their dismay, that their Facebook page content is not generating as many likes or comments as the same content does on their personal status updates.

Why is this?

Facebook business pages are created to be easily discoverable and allow for followers to have 1-to-1 interactions with a business. But in order to do that, they have to know the page is there. Intuitively, most business owners will ask their friends and family to Like their business page-which they gladly do. However, this is usually not a business’s target audience. This means that they will rarely, if ever, go back to actually interact with your business page after initially following it. Your friends and family are interested in YOU, so they will Like and comment on what you post on your personal status feed.

Businesses need targeted followers to interact with on social media.

Facebook makes this easy by allowing business owners to create campaigns and ads in order to reach a specified target audience. Not only does this cost money, but it also requires business owners to have a well-thought out marketing and engagement strategy. By utilizing things like Post Boosting and Targeted ads, businesses can guarantee that their well-cultivated content will get into the hands-and Facebook feeds-of the right people.

Brands that have successfully utilized these strategies, like BarkBox, have seen 50% of its daily website conversions come from Facebook and an increase in monthly subscribers to their service that numbers in the thousands.

Innovo Concepts helps business owners maximize the reach of their Facebook presence and turn it into revenue. We want to know what questions you have and how you’ve achieved success on this platform.