Breaking Through Business Barriers

Running a successful business is akin to being a constant problem solver. Every step of the way includes new challenges, which can also be viewed as opportunities. Whether it has to do with designing a new product, pitching an investor, or successfully selling, every business leader will run into barriers that may threaten their success.

There are two types of barriers: marketplace roadblocks and mental roadblocks.

A market barrier exists when we identify a challenge in our field that may get in the way of succeeding in business. This can be a lack of education on the part of the consumer for why a product or service is essential, or a perception that the market is already flooded with too many other people offering the same thing.

A mental roadblock exists when we forget our core motivator-the “why” in our mission statement. This causes us to become lazy in our goal setting and execution. If we forget our purpose we run the risk of losing our value for our customers.

There are many market barriers that may be identified and everyone experiences a mental block from time to time. The important thing to remember is that these are challenges which we now have the opportunity to overcome.

The way to overcome both types of barriers is to tackle them head-on. It is important to identify them-to call them out and recognize that they are a significant threat to business success. Then comes the hard part-making a plan and taking action.

Here are a few tips to help you get through your barriers:

Remember your “why”. What sparked and inspired you to get into the business you are in? Who did you want to help? What did you want to create? Find ways to get re-inspired and reinvigorated. Is your old “why” not cutting it anymore? Create a new one and get passionate!

Relationships are key. It is okay to ask for help and sometimes an outsider can provide key insights into a problem you have been experiencing. Build strong relationships and networks by being willing to give more than you take. Your service will be your reward and will provide you with a strong network of people willing to help you in return.

Make a plan. For every market barrier there is an ideal outcome. Place a piece of paper horizontally and write down each barrier on the left hand side. On the right hand side goes the ideal outcome. All the space in between should be used to map out the steps needed to get from problem to solution.