A Gamechanger in Headphone Technology

Innovo Concepts has developed an innovative product that will change the way you will listen to music. This patented technology is designed to overcome hearing imperfections and enhance the headphone listening experience.

Hearing deficiencies are not just a problem for older people. According to several researchers 1 in 5 teenagers suffer from hearing deficiencies, a number that has increased 30% in recent years. These deficiencies are caused by day-to-day activities, such as years of listening to loud music, attending movies and concerts, and even environmental pollution. This imperfect hearing is not of the level to be a health concern but diminishes the audio and visual experience, as well as the ability to enjoy music in its full capacity.

HeadphoneMagic is a patented technology that detects and compensates for hearing imperfections of a user. Settings are fine-tuned to each user, with multi-user and multi-device saved profiles available. Imagine hearing music the way it would sound to someone with perfect hearing. This is now possible with HeadphoneMagic!

Innovo Concepts is now licensing HeadphoneMagic technology to companies building headphone-related products. Contact us if you would like to learn more about this amazing technology or to schedule a demonstration.



Hear what you have been missing!