The Pros and Cons of YouTube Red

YouTube is a video sharing website created in 2005. Since its launch, users have flocked to the site to enjoy a variety of videos, from homemade cat shenanigans to curated content made by creators who earn a living through their videos. To understand the magnitude of YouTube look up creators like Zoella and PewDiePie, who have amassed over 9 million and 40 million followers respectively. 

Today YouTube, who was bought by Google in 2006, launched YouTube Red. This service will combine the video experience of YouTube with Google's music on demand service, Google Play Music. For a monthly $9.99 subscription fee ($12.99 for iOS users), subscribers will be able to consume exclusive content on demand and without ads, as well as to download content for offline watching. 

YouTube is the next in line to offer subscribers the opportunity to pay for ease of consumption and additional, exclusive, content. Companies like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime have already found a large market in those that are trying to avoid a large cable bill while still having the benefit of on demand entertainment. 

Lets break it down into nuts and bolts: 


  • no ads
  • download content to watch offline
  • signing up for YouTube Red also subscribes you to Google Play Music (and vice versa)
  • access to exclusive content, like YouTube original series and movies as well as internally produced premium content from creators
  • revenue will be shared with creators who have signed on (presumably depending on the rate their content is consumed)


  • costs $9.99, which is more than Netflix's streaming and Hulu's limited commercial plans
  • iOS users pay $12.99 to cover Apple's in-app purchase tax
  • Creators who publish videos and support them with advertising are forced to participate. If they don't their content will be marked Private and no one will be able to find them

Will you be using YouTube Red? Please share your thoughts and comments. We'd also love to hear from creators about how this will affect you.