You have great ideas, but how do you take them to the next level? We are here to help. Innovo concepts nurtures your ideas from raw concept to a mature plan that is ready for design and manufacture.



With over 30 years of cross-industry product design experience, Innovo Concepts is a leader in innovative product design. By combining multiple disciplines and our team of experts, we develop designs that put you ahead of the game and help bring your ideas to life.



Innovo Concepts has relationships with both domestic and international manufacturers. We value lean and effective processes so that your products get manufactured in the most cost-effective way, while maintaining the highest quality standard. We don’t rest until your product vision is realized.



In order to take your product to the next level, our marketing services are threaded throughout the entire life cycle of the project. From strategic business planning to integrated branding and marketing implementation, you receive the full benefit of our expertise to give power to your ideas.

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